REVA IMMO is the largest Polynesian network with 9 agencies where more than 30 specialists work:

  • Tahiti (Papeete, Paofai, Taravao)
  • Moorea
  • Huahine
  • Raiatea
  • Bora Bora
  • Rangiroa, Fakarava
  • Marquesas
  • ...

REVA IMMO offers new properties for sale or rent, to be discovered daily on its website, Facebook page, and various communication channels:

  • For your housing needs, houses, apartments, and building plots are FOR SALE or FOR RENT
  • To start, grow your professional activity, increase your market presence, we have developed expertise to assist and advise you in your search for:
    • Offices;
    • Warehouses, hangars, storage spaces;
    • Acquisition of companies or business assets, share transfers or lease rights;

REVA IMMO also brings innovation to:

  • Develop new activities such as vacation home rentals with assistance in designing your project and managing these new professional assets;
  • Support you in defiscalization operations for your new acquisitions.


In 2011, Hugues COCHARD, an experienced entrepreneur, acquired three real estate agencies in French Polynesia:

  • JCM Immobilier (founded in 1991), which required a deep restructuring and actively developed the business to quickly take the lead in the Polynesian market;
  • CIFI Immobilier, a company with 30 years of existence in Papeete and Taunoa;
  • MARQUANT immobilier, with over 25 years of existence.

With recognized expertise in the tourism industry and a strong penchant for innovation, HUGUES launched TAHITI DREAM RENTALS in 2012, the first Polynesian vacation rental agency. Since 2014, activities related to company acquisitions and sales have gradually been established and developed. A special division, operating as a business firm, was created to meet the requirements and needs of our clientele.


Constantly striving to improve the quality of our services, promote cohesion, and integrate new expertise, today we are organized both by skills and geographical proximity to be closer to our clients.

  • A sales department;
  • A property management service;
  • A business division for professionals;
  • A vacation rental and concierge service;
  • An accounting service;

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